There are few things you can do in the gym that provide more satisfaction than a heavy Power clean. It looks like you’re strong as f**k.

Pulling a huge weight from the floor, catching it on your chest and standing it up feels awesome…  BUT you’re not doing barbell star jumps!


Well, maybe not swole but they make you dam powerful!

Not to mention, its a great way to get the bar into a front rack position and then there’s a whole lot more you can do with it once its up there such as Pressing, Jerking and everybody’s favorite Thruster to name a few.


Foot placement should be shoulder width and toes turned slightly out, You need to engage your lats #gettight.


If your deadlift is sh1te then your’e not off to a good start.

In the first pull, your hips should stay low and not come up faster than your shoulders, we call this “leading with your chest”  Think about pushing the floor away as you drive upwards. Keep your arms locked and don’t even think about pulling with your arms until the second pull. Patience is key here.


The second pull is where you begin to accelerate and drive your hips forwards, This power will transfer into the bar. It is at this point you barbell shrug. We often tell members to get their shoulders shrugged before they can begin think about going into the receiving position.


NO STAR JUMPS!!. “As soon as the bar is above the hips, your aim is to get into the front rack position and catch in what we call a half squat by sending your hips back at the same time as driving your elbows through the bar fast #fastelbows

From here you need to stand the bar up so keep your knees out, chest up, and drive like a shark just bit your ass!

This is why a good Air squat and Front squat is so important. You wouldn’t squat in a star jump stance would you?

Don’t forget to give us a Ric Flair #woooooo and log your new Power Clean PR

Happy Power Cleaning



Thanks to @makewodsgreatagain for the Meme pic

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