CrossFit Eccentric

Lets face it finding a program that speaks to you and your goals is difficult right?… sticking with one is even more difficult. How many times have you started something and not even a few weeks later, life gets in the way and you never go back?

CrossFit can seem quite scary from the outside looking in, Some online content is great BUT a lot of it is bad. At Eccentric, its not as scary as you think!

What Makes Us Different?

Small group class: We limit the amount of check ins to 12 per class, this allows our coaches to keep a good watch on their class and ensures each member is getting the most out of their check in that day.

Workout programming and tracking:  We use industry leaders to help us build the best program possible to help our members thrive, our user friendly performance tracking software allows our clients and coaches to keep a clear log of how each member is progressing.

Community, NOT A CULT: Our members are all like minded “normal folk” that share one thing in common, positive mindsets. Everybody supports everybody, and our members are ready to welcome you into our community with open arms.

Fundamentals: We bring you in under a personal training basis to help you prepare for our highly effective group classes with the confidence and mindset to put your best foot forward. This gives you and your Coach the chance to build a professional relationship that will last years and keep you coming back.

Coaching: Let’s face it; you’re destined to fail if you don’t have someone in your corner backing you up every step of the day. Other gyms bank on you never using your membership, but we want to see you here each and every week making continued progress toward your personalized goals, whether its wanting to do your first ever pull up or working on your handstand.

We want to know more about you, your life, why you want to get fit and where we fit into the picture, we want to know what we can do to hold you accountable and how we can develop a plan of action to ensure you get fit for good this time!

You’re probably thinking; I’m not in shape enough for this yet and I don’t know anyone at Eccentric and I’m really nervous to just walk in the door! Don’t worry about a thing, because you’ll find that at Eccentric we maintain a lighthearted and welcoming atmosphere that caters to regular people just like you! So much so that a ton of our members think of CrossFit Eccentric as their second home.

If you fall off track expect a call or whatsapp message from your coach asking where you’ve been and encouraging you to get back in the gym. Simply starting and falling off track then never coming back just doesn’t happen at Eccentric. We are dedicated to your health and fitness.


Classes can be daunting at first. You don’t know anyone, some people look very fit and lots of the movements are things you may not have seen before. We understand exactly how you feel and we want to bring you into our gym in a way that makes you feel confident, excited and worry free.

Our fundamentals syllabus is designed to teach you the movements we do in the gym in a safe environment without adding intensity, until you show proficiency in the movements. It’s also designed to get you acquainted with your coach and to start to meet some of the members in the gym without being involved in the class just yet.

In fundamentals you learn:

  • How to maintain (and stick with) a good diet
  • Our foundational movements
  • Mobility and Recovery techniques
  • Set attainable goals with your coach

Walking in the door is the biggest hurdle to your success!


Get in touch, We are excited to help you achieve your goals.

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