As the current situation continues to unfold around the country we feel it is important to be as transparent as possible about how we’re adapting at Eccentric.

This is a dynamic situation and I want to start off by talking about some of the positives. I’m a big advocate of thinking positive and if there is any silver lining in this situation it’s that crisis breeds innovation and adaptation….neither one of those are bad.

First off – it’s important to note that working out in general and being active has a tremendous benefit on strengthening our immune system. We like to look at fitness as part of a spectrum…on one end we have Fitness, on the other end we have Sickness, and in the middle we’re looking at Wellness.

By belonging to Eccentric you’re part of a group of people who prioritize Health & Fitness, and who are regularly doing what they can to improve their margins on the ‘Fitness’ end of the Spectrum.

Another positive is that we are not like your traditional commercial gym – we are much smaller and see a fraction of the foot traffic compared to larger gyms. The average Pure Gym has 4,000 members…at Eccentric we’re looking at 50 Max!

Also, at Eccentric – we are incredibly lucky to have a community of people who care about the gym and put the extra effort into washing their hands, wiping down equipment, and helping clean up after themselves. The average commercial gym does not have that culture.

We completely understand that during this time social distancing is important to minimizing risk and we recognize that not everyone is comfortable being in a group setting. We have always said that Eccentric is more than just a gym, it’s more than just workouts and times on a whiteboard. For many people the time they spend working out is as much about mental health as it is about physical health.

With this in mind, there are going to be some changes happening around the gym

  • When you walk into the gym – WASH YOUR HANDS – Its not enough to sanitize, You must wash your hands. 
  • EFFECTIVE IMMEDIATELY: Everyone must use the “PUSHPRESS MEMBER PORTAL APP” to reserve their classes. We have always had small classes –  and have always had an open-door approach that if you can make the class, just show up.With Schools being out and people working from home we want to monitor and manage the groups of people using the gym at a given time. Using the App to reserve your classes will allow you to see what classes / times are busier at the gym…there are some days where we have 2 people at 8:30am, and 12 people at 9:30am. If you can make Open Gym at 07:30 then do it.  MAXIMUM 10 across all classes – IF YOUR NAMES NOT DOWN, YOU’RE NOT GETTING IN i’m afraid. 
  • If you need to reset your account password, or need help accessing your account please let us know
  • STARTING NOW: Anyone who maintains an active Monthly Membership has access to the Program via SugarWOD. These will be workouts that you can do at home or on the road with minimal equipment.  Just because you can’t get into the gym doesn’t mean you have to let your fitness suffer.  We are trying to adapt as quickly as possible and will be releasing regular demo videos and content around the workouts.
  • As soon as you arrive …. WASH YOUR HANDS 
  • Kids  – at this time we are not restricting kids from being in the gym. However, we are asking that to the extent possible if you do not absolutely need to bring your kids with you, then please do not. At this time we are trying to keep the gym as clean as possible and our top priority is cleaning and disinfecting the equipment and the workout area after each class. KIDS ARE NOT ALLOWED IN THE GYMNASTICS CLUB They will have to sit in a safe area by the coffee machine.
  • If it doesn’t need to be with you inside the gym – don’t bring it. Hospitals are requiring Doctors & Nurses to leave all  personal belongings in their lockers. I know it seems a bit ridiculous but please think twice about what you’re bringing into the gym. If you’re not on call, or expecting a phone call…leave your phone in your car glove-box for the hour. It’s one less ‘outside’ object in the gym and helps us keep all the surfaces clean and clear.
  • Jump Ropes, Lifting Shoes, and Wraps – if you have a jump rope at the gym, lifting shoes in a cubby, or wrist wraps that you’re storing here….you must take them away and store in your car or gym bag at this time.
  • Partner / Team Workouts – will be postponed until things calm down. While these days have been a staple of the Eccentric programming they will be temporarily put on hold. In the meantime, Fridays will be an Individual / Solo workout for the time being.
  • Squad Programming – Will continue for now, we may need to restrict peoples time in the gym at some point Memberships will be adjusted if this develops.
  • Did I mention – wash your hands!
  • No new members – We are currently closed to all new members, Visitors and friends at this time. A waiting list has been created for new leads.
  • Saturday’s – Will continue for now.
  • Finally – if you are feeling at all sick – or if you have been exposed to anyone who is sick – please let us know and always think before you come to the gym.

Thank you all for your help and consideration during these times.Together we will get through this by supporting each other.

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