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COVID – 19 Update

As the current situation continues to unfold around the country we feel it is important to be as transparent as possible about how we’re adapting at Eccentric. This is a dynamic situation and I want to start off by talking about some of the positives. I’m a big...

Power Cleans are not Barbell Star Jumps

There are few things you can do in the gym that provide more satisfaction than a heavy Power clean. It looks like you're strong as f**k. Pulling a huge weight from the floor, catching it on your chest and standing it up feels awesome...  BUT you’re not doing barbell...

2019 Benchmark Series

Because of the constantly varied nature and black box concept of CrossFit programming, we felt the need to implement a method to test the programming in relation to the goal of our program. By design, CrossFit programming is varied, and the tenets of the program hold...

Myth-Busting: Fear Vs Reality

Have you got the FEAR? When it comes down to it, much of what prevents people from embarking on a journey to become more fit and healthy is FEAR: Fear of the unknown, fear of failure, fear of getting injured, fear of not fitting in, fear of embarrassing yourself…...

Why Join CrossFit Eccentric?

CrossFit Eccentric Lets face it finding a program that speaks to you and your goals is difficult right?… sticking with one is even more difficult. How many times have you started something and not even a few weeks later, life gets in the way and you never go back?...


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